Farlands and Oculus Rift

Jason’s newest score is for Farlands – an exclusive game bundled with every Oculus Rift and developed by the in-house team at Oculus. An official soundtrack with over an hour of original music is planned.

WSHU Interview

“Far Cry Primal, from Ubisoft, takes us back in time. Waaaaaay back! To 10,000 BCE, in fact. Composing the music created a unique challenge for Jason Graves, who assembled a Stone Age “shopping list” of bones, rocks, antlers and rattles to create a score that’s as visceral as the game. I talked with Jason about how he unleashed his inner caveman.” WSHU Interview

Far Cry Primal: Exclusive Interview

“It’s not every day you get to sit down with a seasoned composer of the industry, and it was with great pleasure I got the chance to talk to Jason Graves, the man behind Far Cry Primal’s composition. An eye-opening look at what it’s like scoring one of the biggest games of the year.” Read the full interview.

The Music of Far Cry Primal with Composer Jason Graves

“In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection video profile we feature composer Jason Graves, who created an emotionally provocative soundtrack made out of wood, bones, rocks and sweat.” Watch the video.

2016 Game Audio Network Guild Nominations

Jason’s music is included in four GANG nominations this year. Three for The Order: 1886, including “Best Cinematic Cutscene Audio,” “Best Original Song: Instrumental” and “Best Original Song: Choral” and “Audio of the Year” for Until Dawn. See the complete list of nominees.

Far Cry Primal Soundtrack Available

“Get ready for an emotionally provocative soundtrack made out of wood, bones, rocks and sweat – this is what a mammoth rushing at you would sound like! Jason’s music will put you in that visceral zone, leaving no choice but to survive and fight!” – Simon Landry, Music Supervisor, Ubisoft   Purchase on iTunes here.